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Continental Luxury Hotels Ltd (hereafter 'CLH') is an independent service provider with an on-line booking platform (under the brand name 'MEDITERANIQUE'), for reserving accommodation in selected Hotels (hereafter 'The Hotels').

The terms and conditions written herein must be read in conjunction with the CLH Privacy Policy accessible on the footer on all pages on The Website. Both the Terms and Conditions herein and the CLH Privacy Policy shall collectively be referred to hereafter as 'The Terms and Conditions'). Members of the CLH Guest loyalty club (hereafter ‘The MEDCLUB’) should also read The Terms and Conditions in conjunction with The MEDCLUB Terms and Conditions accessible through the MEDCLUB page on the MEDITERANIQUE Website.

The Terms and Conditions apply to:

  • Your use of the MEDITERANIQUE Website including the booking engine and the CLH database and system connected thereto (hereafter collectively referred to as 'The Website'), including all data and information you enter to, and receive from The Website.
  • Bookings you make via The Website
  • All services provided by CLH

By using The Website, you, (hereafter either 'you' or 'the customer'), are accepting The Terms and Conditions in their entirety. If you do not accept this or disagree with any part of The Terms and Conditions, you must leave The Website immediately and not use it.

When you proceed with a booking for accommodation in a hotel on The Website you will be required to confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to all The Terms and Conditions.


CLH will provide The Website to facilitate your booking of hotel accommodation.

CLH and The Hotels transfer data and information onto The Website including but not limited to hotel information, star ratings, availability, room descriptions, digital images, hotel facilities, services, and policies, etc.

CLH may offer additional services to the above at their discretion.

All Services provided by CLH are FREE OF CHARGE to the customer. CLH will not add any additional reservation fees to the rates charged by the Hotels.

No contractual relationships will be formed between you and CLH. When you make a reservation through The Website you will enter into a legally binding agreement with the Hotel with whom you have made the reservation.

CLH do not guarantee, and are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information provided by The Website. Whilst CLH will take reasonable care to ensure that such data and information is correct, CLH do not control or verify same and as such are not liable in any way for discrepancies, errors, incorrect information of any kind including details of the customer’s reservation.

CLH will not be responsible or liable for any errors or interruptions or non delivery of information, including cases where for any reason The Website is not functional due to shutdown or maintenance, repairs etc.


If you are a member of the MEDITERANIQUE loyalty club (hereafter 'MedClub Member') you must enter and update as necessary valid up-to-date personal data into the CLH database, accessible via the MedClub area on The Website. A MedClub Member must also read the MEDCLUB Terms and Conditions which are accessible via the MedClub area on The Website and follow any special directions therein before making a booking, e.g., MedClub Members must LOG IN TO THE MEDCLUB AREA on The Website in order to be entitled to any special MedClub Member benefits and discounts and to facilitate the automatic population of personal data onto the booking form.

If you are a normal customer who is not a MedClub Member you may make a booking on The Website without logging in and will need to enter sufficient, valid up-to-date personal data to complete the booking.

All customers, including MedClub Members, will be required to either, provide valid credit card data, or in some cases to make a payment by direct bank transfer, in advance, to complete each and every booking.

In order to safeguard and encrypt your credit card information the details which you enter onto the online reservation form are encrypted and submitted through a secure server using SSL technology. Furthermore, your credit card, data will not be held on the server for more than 7 days, and will not to be used for future bookings.

Upon the completion of a booking an automatic email will be sent to you confirming the booking with a unique reservation number. A reservation will only be valid when a reservation number has been issued.

If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of making the booking it is your responsibility to contact us by sending an email to to ascertain whether or not the booking has been accepted by the system.

Reservation confirmations such as above will be provided solely for your convenience. The official records of CLH concerning all reservations, in all respects, are stored in the CLH database. In the event of any discrepancies of whatsoever nature between the CLH official records and any other information such as confirmation emails etc then the CLH official records shall always prevail.

Changes of bookings may be made via The Website except in the case of pre-paid bookings which cannot be changed or cancelled. Changes to bookings which are not pre-paid may involve a cancellation charge and the customer must check the cancellation policy of the specific hotel in this respect.


The Hotels are required to make their best endeavours to ensure that The Website has parity with other websites, including the Hotels’ own sites. The Hotels will compensate any customer who makes a valid booking at a Hotel with a valid credit card and who within 12 hours finds a cheaper rate for the same dates, the same room type and the same booking and payment conditions, through another website and is able to prove it, by either: accepting the booking at the new rate OR offering a priority room upgrade.  

Sometimes discounted rates are offered on The Website for special deals. These deals are normally subject to non refundable prepayments or deposits or cancellation restrictions and charges. The customer is responsible to thoroughly check all such special payment and cancellation terms before making the booking.

Customers should note that breakfast is only included in the rate if specifically stated in the rate policy.

All rates on The Website are fully inclusive of VAT and all other local taxes applicable at the time of the reservation. If such taxes are increased before the end of the customer’s stay then the customer will be charged for the appropriate increase by the hotel.

Rates on The Website may not include service charges. The customer must check the specific hotel rate policy to ascertain whether or not such charges are included.

CLH will not be responsible or liable for pricing errors and will have the right to correct any errors. If an error is discovered after a booking has been mad, the customer shall be given the option to either maintain the reservation at the corrected rate or to cancel the reservation without any charge.

None of the rates include any form of personal or holiday insurance. The Customer must make his own arrangements for such.



A valid credit card is required at the time of booking to GUARANTEE the customers reservation. The credit card details will normally have to be entered on-line via The Website however in some cases hotels may at their discretion allow the customer to send credit card details by fax. The hotel may charge a deposit to the card (if applicable under the terms of the booking) and will have the right to PRE-AUTHORISE the customer’s card prior to arrival to reserve funds, including taxes. The card will be charged for cancellations or no shows if applicable.


1. DISCOUNTED MEMBER RATES - Sometimes, special discounted rates are available to Med Club Members. Payment for such will be PRE-PAID and NON-REFUNDABLE and as such cannot be cancelled. In such cases the customer will either make direct payment to the designated CLH bank account, or the customer’s credit card will be debited the full amount of the reservation. Once such payment has been cleared CLH will confirm the booking in an email to the customer. The booking cannot be cancelled and no refund will be given.

2. PRE-PAID BOOKINGS FOR SPECIAL OFFERS - Sometimes, special discounted rates are available to all customers, including those who are not MedClub Members. Payment for such will be PRE-PAID and NON-REFUNDABLE and as such cannot be cancelled. In such cases the customer will either make direct payment to the designated Hotel bank account, or the customer’s credit card will be debited the full amount of the reservation upon confirmation by the hotel. The booking cannot be cancelled and no refund will be given.

In the case of PRE-PAID bookings under 1, and 2, above, the hotel will only charge the customer for extras which may be incurred during the customer’s stay. Upon check-in the customer may be required to provide the hotel with a valid credit card to GUARANTEE the payment of such extras and the hotel will have the right to PRE-AUTHORISE the customer’s card to reserve funds including taxes.


All prices will be in € Euros and all charges for all reservations shall be in € Euros. If payments are made in other currencies then such will be subject to the exchange rates applied by your credit or debit card provider at the time of the payment.


Bookings for DISCOUNTED MEMBER RATES and PRE-PAID BOOKINGS are PRE-PAID and NON-REFUNDABLE and as such cannot be cancelled. No refund will be given under any circumstances, even if the customer cancels his booking or does not show at the hotel.


To avoid a late cancellation charge, you must cancel your booking at least a specific number of days prior to the scheduled arrival date. For the precise number of days you must refer to the specific hotel cancellation policy applicable at the time of booking.

1. Cancellations made after this will be charged either the equivalent of a specified number of days stay, or a percentage of the cost of your booking against your credit card.

2. No-shows will be charged the equivalent of either a specific number of days stay, or a percentage of the cost of your booking against your credit card.

3. Early departures will be charged the equivalent of either a specified number of days stay, or a percentage of the cost of your booking, to be settled locally.

For the precise number of days to be charged under 1,2, and 3 above you must refer to the hotel’s specific cancellation policy applicable at the time of booking.


If for any reason the Hotel cannot provide the customer with the reserved accommodation due to over-booking or any other circumstance, then the hotel will ‘outbook’ the customer in an alternative hotel in the same area of at least the same standard, at no extra cost.


CLH will pass on any special requests from the customer to the hotel and some Hotels may confirm subject to availability, however neither CLH nor the Hotel will guarantee that any such requests will be met.


If you intend to bring a pet to the hotel then you should double check and confirm the current Pet policy directly with the Hotel. CLH will not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the Pet Policy stated on The Website. Some hotels may require an extra deposit or make extra charges which may not be refundable.


CLH does not advise that the destinations where The Hotels are located are without risk. It is entirely the customer’s responsibility to ensure that they are well informed and satisfied in this respect. CLH recommends customers to check with competent authorities such as the national travel advice bureaus in this respect.


In the event of a complaint you should send an email to within 2 weeks from the date of your departure from the hotel.

Complaints about losses or damage to luggage, personal belongings etc, incurred within the hotel should be addressed directly to the hotel.


By completing a booking you agree that CLH may send you an email asking you to complete a guest review form. Other than this CLH will not send you any further emails or correspondence unless you have agreed otherwise.


You understand all the terms and conditions imposed on you by CLH and The Hotel.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the credit card used for the booking remains valid at all times and that it has enough credit on it to satisfy the requirements of any pre-authorized amounts or payments required by the Hotels. Your failure to ensure this will be considered as a serious default of The Terms and Conditions.

You understand that your non-compliance or default of any of The Terms and Conditions will entitle CLH or The Hotel to cancel your reservation and that in such a case any moneys you have paid will be non-refundable and that The Hotel will be entitled to charge you with any expenses incurred as a result. If your non-compliance or default occurs within the cancellation period then the appropriate cancellation charges will also be charged.


Intellectual property and copyright of The Website and its contents are the property of CLH. Subject to the licence below, all these intellectual property rights are reserved.


You are permitted to view, download for caching purposes only, and print pages from The Website for your own personal use and for the sole purpose of making a booking, subject to the restrictions below.
You are not permitted to:
i. Reproduce, copy, republish or print any material from The Website for whatever other purpose.
ii. Distribute trade or lease for commercial purposes, any material from The Website.
iii. Edit or modify any material available on The Website.


Please refer to the separate CLH Privacy Policy document accessible on The Website.


Neither CLH nor any CLH hotel shall be responsible or liable for any change, cancellation, or non compliance with The Terms and Conditions, caused by reasons beyond their control. Such reasons may include, but are not limited to; acts of God; war or civil unrest; terrorist activities; weather, strikes, lockouts, accident; power fluctuations or outages; telecommunication fluctuations, outages or delays; utility failures; mechanical defects; earthquake, volcanic activity, ash clouds, tsunamis, fire, explosions, etc.


Whilst reasonable care has been taken to try and ensure that the information disclosed on The Website is correct and accurate, CLH do not warrant for its completeness or accuracy; nor do CLH commit to ensuring that the website remains available at all times or that the material on the website is kept up-to-date.

CLH exclude all representations, warranties and conditions relating to this website and its use by you to the utmost permissible extent under applicable law (including, without limitation, any warranties implied by law of satisfactory quality, fitness for purpose and/or the use of reasonable care and skill).

The Website and the information and services provided by CLH are free of charge and regardless of circumstance CLH will not be liable for any direct or indirect losses or damages of any nature whatsoever. For the sake of clarification this exoneration of liability will include but not be limited to:
1. Any consequential, indirect or special loss or damage;
2. Any loss of profit, income, revenue, anticipated savings, contracts, business, goodwill, reputation, data, or information.
3. Any penalties
4. Any communication errors, malfunctions, failures, or the security of such communications.
5. Incorrect or inaccurate, missing or delayed data entry into The Website, whether caused by users, equipment, programming, or any technical or human error that may occur in the entry or processing of such data.
6. Any acts, failures, omissions, negligence etc by The Hotel, such as, but not limited to; failure to honour reservations, lack of standards or provision of services, incorrect, inaccurate or missing information, etc.
7. Anything arising from the customer’s use of The Website.
8. Any personal injury, death, damage to property.
9. Any errors or interruptions or non delivery of information, including cases where for any reason The Website is not functional due to shutdown or maintenance, repairs etc.

The Customer agrees that neither CLH, nor our officers, directors, employees, representatives, subsidiaries, affiliated companies or individuals, or other entities connected with the provision of services referred to herein under The Terms and Conditions, shall be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential losses or damages,  punitive damages, etc, whatsoever, caused by any reason such as but not limited to; acts, errors, breaches, negligence, misconduct, omissions, non performance, misrepresentation, force majeure etc.

Subject to the limitations described in The Terms and Condition, if CLH were to be found by the courts to be liable for damages of any nature then such will in no case include any damages relating to loss of profit, income, revenue, anticipated savings, contracts, business, goodwill, reputation, data, or information and such will be strictly limited to a maximum aggregate amount equivalent to the total cost of your reservation.


The Terms and Conditions will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English law, and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.


If CLH do not for any reason invoke any provisions herein, such will not exclude CLH from invoking such at later date.

If any provision herein is found to be invalid or unenforceable – the enforceability of all other provisions herein will not be affected.

If there are any inconsistencies between The Terms and Conditions and other documents referred to herein, then The Terms and Conditions will prevail.

The original of The Terms and Conditions is in English and such may be translated into other languages. Any such translations will be prepared on the basis that such are intended for approximate guidance only and as such readers accept that only the original English version shall apply for any legal interpretation. The Original English version is available on the footer of The Website.

We reserve the right to revise The Terms and Conditions from time-to-time. The revised Terms and Conditions will supersede any previous Terms and Conditions and apply from the date of their publication on our website. You are therefore reminded to regularly check the Terms and Conditions for any revisions.
The Terms and Conditions are applicable as from 19 April 2013.


The MEDITERANIQUE brand is owned by Continental Luxury Hotels Ltd.
Registered in England & Wales under registration number 8095103
Registered address:
Continental Luxury Hotels Ltd.
34-35 Eastcastle Street
London W1W 8DW
United Kingdom.


Any questions relating to The Terms or conditions should be made by emails to