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Shrimps with Saffron in a Gruyere Nest

A mouth watering appetizer, perfect for those languid summer nights.

Quantities make 12 Canapés
12 Prawns No4 size, cleaned with the head on (remove heads later)
15gr Arugula washed and well dried
15gr Radicchio leaves washed and well dried
15gr Cretan Gruyere cheese finely grated (for each nest)
5gr Parmigiano Reggiano cheese finely grated (for each nest)
30gr Santorini cherry tomatoes washed and cut in halves and diced
5ml Vodka just for the flaming of the pan
20ml White, fruity and aromatic wine
10ml Homemade red Shrimp broth (bisque)
30ml double cream
15ml Cretan Virgin Olive Oil
1 Garlic clove peeled and sliced (not very thin)
Tiny pinch of grated Greek Saffron
Parsley for decoration
Pomegranate for decoration
Salt & Black Pepper
Before we start cooking everything should be ready, washed, dried and cut. You must have nothing else left to do and nothing to interrupt you from creating with love and passion the food you are about to cook.
To start off we heat a skillet, drizzle with the olive oil and sauté the shrimps. Be careful the skillet should be heated well. You should turn the shrimps once each side is sealed then add the garlic. When both sides are sealed and the skillet is hot enough you add the white wine and vodka, with caution because it will be highly flammable, then add the warm broth so we don’t interrupt the boiling process and cook until reduced by half. You then add the saffron, cream, salt and pepper to taste and when the shrimps are almost cooked, we remove from the fire and emulsify the sauce with some of the Parmesan cheese if needed.
To arrange the setup of the plate we start by filling the nest with the mixed salad, then the shrimps standing, then drizzle the creamy sauce. We decorate with finely chopped parsley, cherry tomatoes, and pomegranate seeds.
For the Gruyere Nests:
We need to spread the Gruyere on a baking sheet. Heat the oven at 170ºC and cook for approximately 7 -10 minutes until lightly golden but still unstable. This will allow you to then form on a cold metal container so it can freeze it up and then shape it without losing the essential oils of the cheese.

Courtesy of the GRACE RESTAURANT at the GRACE MYKONOS HOTEL, Mykonos, Greece